Friday, May 21, 2010

More Zoo hightlights

Zoo fun!

Wed Alex and I took our kids to the Zoo! Mike and Nicole took Micah. The kids had a blast!
Don't let Micah's face fool ya...*grin*
Nicole, Mike and Micah

I love how it looks like Micah is marching in front of the hyena

Last year I took a pic of Alex and Nehemiah like this, and Alex wanted me to take another one! :)
I like this pic of Micah

Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's been busy here. Nothing overly exciting,
Both kids are getting bigger. Virginia

 will be 7 months old next week, and Nehemiah will be 23 months. And that month he'll be 2!!!
Nehemiah talks alot now....and sometimes in sentences!! He's normally tattling when he does say a complete sentence though.

Nehemiah loves his "Sissy" as he's taken to calling her.

Next Monday, the 24th, is Virginia's dermatologist appt and I cannot wait to hear what they'll say! It'll be so nice to have her face clear. Poor thing doesn't know it's not normal to have your face feel like that. It breaks my heart. She's such a good, and happy baby! It's sad to not want to take her out b/c people still treat her/me like there is something terribly wrong. Or complete strangers will tell me what they think I should do. Of course when I say she has eczema, everyone tells me, "My son/daughter/niece/newphew/cousin/neighbor/dog/.....has that!"

Nehemiah has had alot of "firsts" lately. Him and I danced in the rain last was so much fun to see him running around with his tongue hanging out!
We went to a school carnival last night. He thought it was a ton of fun. He "won" every game he played. Of course with him being little they'd let him get closer to the games, or help him. He did play a dice game called Lucky 7's. He loved throwing the dice and played it several times. (They were over sized dice) You had 3 chances to get a 7....he got a seven on his first try each time. He also bowled, threw toilet paper in a toilet, golfed, and did a bean bag game. He wasn't so good at the golf. Maybe Alex and I will take him putt putting sometime soon so his doesn't embarrass the golfers in the family. Haha

Mr. Mi is a tad confused on what ball gloves are...he wears his winter mittens to play with the ball. Such a goof.

My sisters and I had a garage sale last week. We did pretty good! There are a few larger items I'd still like to sell, so I'm gonna list the things on Craigslist and see how they do.

I'm hoping to take the kids to the zoo soon. :) So we'll see how that goes. This week is Alex's long week off.
 Well, kids and Alex are all asleep, so I'm gonna get something done around here. Hmmm...which should I do, nap or clean??? Zzzzzzzzz ;)