Monday, March 12, 2012

My Loves

I know many times my posts are sad and depressing, so I thought I'd post somethings that make me smile! My kids!! I love them so much!! Nehemiah is my big helper!! He helps feed Jana, does what he's told and just growing up too fast!! We recently got him a twin bed....*sniff* Didn't we JUST set his crib up!? 

Virginia talks ALL the time, and sings, and dances. She loves playing with her Lalaloopsy dolls!! She's a good listener!! :) She got Nehemiah's toddler bed. :( Too bad she'd rather wake up in the night and come to MY bed!

Jana is a doll baby! She coos, crawls, and cuddles!! :) She's sleeping so well during the night (Hey...I'm a Mom...sleep makes me happy!!) She's always there with a smile! 

My crayons are doing pretty well....I have a "spring line" hahaha I think they're adorable! If you haven't checked out my Facebook page, it's He Cares Crayons