Monday, June 4, 2012

Stitches and Sundays

Sunday morning did NOT start out the way we intended. Alex had taken Nehemiah into church to go to the bathroom and I followed behind with the girls. 

When I walked in I heard Nehemiah screaming. If you've heard him when he's hurt, it's not a pleasant sound. 

He'd ran ahead of Alex and hit a metal pole in the basement. With his face. 

Alex had blood on his hands, and Nehemiah had it on his face. He had a nice sized hole on his jaw line. 

Alex and Ben Erickson both thought that taking him to ER for stitches would be best, so off we went. 

We did the usual signing in and they got us to a room pretty quickly. 

Then the waiting started. They were good about checking on him and keeping us up to date. 

After all the paperwork and everything was filled out they said it would require some stitches. I was kinda hoping he'd have glue, or even the dissolving stitches, but no luck there. He got the nasty black stitches. 

They put a numbing thing on his face for about 30 mins, and then put him on the bed. As soon as that needle touched his face, he shot up and screamed!! He looked the doctor in the face and said, "THAT HURT!!!" They called another nurse in to hold his head. The doctor tried to tell him that his face was numb, he couldn't feel it and started again. Miah screamed, "I can feel that!! It hurts!!" 

They swaddled him, his legs and arms were strapped down and got the needle to give him a shot to numb it. By then Jana was upset so her and I walked in the hallway outside the room. I could hear him screaming, "No more medicine!! That hurts, no more medicine" 

He finally calmed down, and the shot must have worked. They were able to put the stitches in. Let me tell you, watching them take a needle and thread to your child's face, is really gross. 

He got a blue teddy bear and I informed him that I do NOT like this birthday tradition that he's taken upon himself to start. Last year he'd stuck a crayon up his nose and that required surgery. So he got a teddy bear then. Next year....we'll buy him one. ;) Even going to Build-A-Bear would be cheaper than the bill we'll get from this stunt.

Now...for the pictures

They aren't very good, because he didn't want anyone looking at the stitches. BTW...he got four