Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ice Cream face!

Hi!! Welcome to my Mom's website!
This is her and I on the slide today at the park!
This is me....arent' I cute???

Mom and Dad got me this onsie last week....GrandMom REALLY likes it....

Here's the back

That's my Mom and I. She was squishing me! But that's ok, I liked it!

My parents are so cool...they got me ice cream today!!!

Here it is BEFORE I started eating it! It was great! Soft serve cherry Mmmmmmmm
Here I am smiling for Dad

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Before the big cut!

You know....I'm not really sure about this
Hey! This is kinda fun! It tickles

Yeah?? Really??

After! He looks like a big boy now! And not a baby! I'm not sure how
I feel about this yet

Monday, May 25, 2009

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:
Today is Memorial Day! I laid in bed last night and thought about it: what IS Memorial Day for?? Sure, I know most Americans get together and BarBQ, just enjoy the day. And I have no problem with that...later I will head to my sister's house and we will eat and just be with family.
But what are we supposed to be remembering? Veterans? What do we consider a veteran? Someone who fought in a war? Someone who simply inlisted? My Grandpa was a Vet. Did you know that? Most people didn't. Why? That's not who he was. Sure there are reasons why he didnt tell people, and in his honor, I'm not going to put on the internet about it. But that wasnt him. His fight that he fought was as a Christian. He was the most Godly man I know. THAT was my Grandpa. So on Memorial Day, I will remember my Grandpa, not as a Vet, but as a Christian. As a man who served God until his dying day. Who loved the LORD with his whole heart. They say you can tell how a man is by what he talked about, and it's true. If a man talks about sports, or TV, or women, or cars, you know what he thinks about at all times. My Grandpa? He talked about the LORD. He was the same man at church as he was at home.
On the same token, My Grandma was a Godly woman. They say you should have Child-like faith. And there is no person you could find with more faith than my Grandma. Before I was even born she had cancer. She prayed that she would be healed of it so she could see all her Grandchildren. Her doctor told her she was going to die, the doctor died, Grandma lived. She lived to see all her grandchildren but one. She died June 22, 1999. Her last Grandchild was born June 25, 1999. I was 17 when Grandma died. I was in the house earlier in the day, and I told myself, "Tell her good-bye" But she was sleeping and I didnt wake her up. She died, I never told her good-bye. I was mad at myself for a long time b/c of that, but you know what, I think Grandma would have been ok with that. :) I really loved my Grandma. As she was dying I'd go over almost everyday and do her hair....I'm thankful for those times, those are times I'll never have again. My sisters, Mom and I would clean her house. And you know what? We did it for Grandma. We knew she couldnt get out of that bed, but we did it b/c we knew she wanted the house clean. When the interent FIRST came out, Grandma had Grandpa get it. Why? Grandma wouldnt get online. She got it so us kids could have it. One of us would get online, and the others would talk to Grandma. (She knew what she was doing! LOL) We knew Grandma wasnt going to make it out of her sickness, she'd given up, she was ready to go Home. And now, she has Grandpa with her.
So today as you honor a Vet, remember the ones who didnt fight in a far-away country. Remember also those who fought day to day, and won.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, came to stay

For Mother's Day, Alex bought me a lilac bush! The PERFECT gift for me!! I love love love love lilacs!!
I was taking Nehemiah's pics, and I noticed something so sad!

He was ready for the rain! Coat AND boots!

He's newest trick for the camera...a raspberry!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my 16 week check-up...can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going, not that I'm complaining! LOL Soon I'll be able to find out what I'm having, (hmmm...boy?? Girl??) I'm not sure if I'm gonna find out RIGHT at 20 weeks. I'd love to, and I did with Nehemiah. But this time we're both unemployed, which means I'm on medicaide, so I'm not sure they'd do more than one if they can't tell the first time. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

I've already felt this baby moving. They say that with the 2nd baby you "feel" the kicks earlier, but really you just know what you're feeling.
This is the 6th week I havent gotten my unemployment!! Ugh. God is providing, but I'd like to know why they've decided to keep withholding my pay!
I've been enjoying the nice weather! If it stayed like this all summer I'd be thrilled! It smells so clean outside!!! Right now I have towels on the clothesline! I love the smell of clean air dried towels!!! I also got my flower bed weeded out. Not an easy feat when there are rose bushes in there!!
Ok, I'm headed out to do another load of towels! :) :)