Tuesday, August 31, 2010

can't think of an exciting title

It's naptime here at the Magoulas household. Which means Virginia is sleeping. Nehemiah has decided he's done with naps. Because he hasn't been fussy, I've let him stay up. He enjoys the time with just Mom, and getting to play without Virginia getting into his toys.

I need to work on Miah's 2 year pics...yes, it's a little late. I'm waiting until Alex has some time off and can watch Virginia, and I'd like it to not be as hot so I can take the pics at the Woods.

Yesterday it dawned on me that Miah has been wanting to "watch" alot of movies. He's not really watching them, but he wants the noise. Today I turned on a sermon, and he's as happy as can be. I can listen to Bro Branham, and Nehemiah is happy that something is playing!

Virginia seems to like her "letter."
Karisha Browning sent V some new outfits and I just love how this one looks on Miss Virginia!
A few weeks ago Alex decided I should get my hair permed again :) He knows I like it permed and it's been since the kids were here that I've had one.
I do believe Nehemiah was bored with getting his picture taken!
This is a common face for Virginia to make. She'll get real excited and scrunch her nose up and make a silly noise. The stickers in her hair were from her brother. Not sure what he was doing, but he was quite proud of the look he accomplished!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning thoughts

Here I am again, at my computer. Wondering if anyone really reads this, if anyone really cares.
One child is asleep, the other one needs constant watching. See what he did to his eyes? That's only a small sampling of what he did to himself. He also colored his sister.
Every part of them had at least one marker mark on them. I had only turned my back for a minute and this is what I turned back to. Right now, he's sporting glue on his face. Why? B/c I'd turned my back again.
Nehemiah found that he LOVES to talk. Saturday while outside waiting for my parents to come over, he pointed to everything he knew the name of and called out the name of it. That kept him busy for quite some time.
He's learning his colors. Most times he's only guessing, but there are times he does remember them. Blue is his favorite color to guess.
He's growing up so quickly. He likes to play with Sissy, but is also happy playing by himself. Right now he's on the floor with his Hermie doll playing.
I had started to potty train him, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He'd gone in the potty several times, but I think it scared him, so I'll wait awhile to try again. I decided a long time ago, that potty training was not something I was gonna force, he'll get it when he's ready, and he's just not ready yet :)
Some days I sit in amazement as I catch a glimpse of who he'll be when he's older. The other day he had on jeans, a t-shirt and had a bookbag on his back, and I knew that all too soon he'll be headed to school. My plan right now is to send him to public school, at least for the first years to get his basics down. But, I've got awhile, that could change, and I'll homeschool him.

My Mom likes to wait until she finds the perfect gift, and she's been searching for a bubble gum machine for Nehemiah. I saw one this weekend and let her know. She bought and and bubble gum to go with it! When I took Nehemiah over later he must have known it was there b/c he went directly to it!!
Miss Sis is growing so much. She's been crawling for months now, and standing too! I'm waiting for her to take her first step *wipes tear* ;)
Her skin has good days, and it has bad. It'll clear up, then she'll get too hot and break out. Or she'll get upset and dig at it. I'm tempted to get baseball mitts and tape them to her little hands, but I don't think that would help.
Virginia has 6 teeth now and nows how to use them! Sometimes for good, like eating, Yay! She wants nothing to do with baby food most days!
And....sometimes for bad....many teeth marks have been left on Nehemiah before I can get to her!
She has become very independant and wants to feed herself,
 but at the same time is reliant on Mom and wants held alot.

I love dressing her in frilly little outfit and get told she looks like a Princess alot :)

She LOVES wearing jewlery. Yesterday she sported a necklace, bracelet, and cute headband. The headband she wasn't fond of, but she loved the bracelet and necklace. :)
I love the smile she has when she sees someone she knows. Some of her favorite people are, Nehemiah, Daddy, Uncle Jesse, Adaliah, Soloman (Ok...he's a dog, but don't tell him that!!) GrandMom, GG, Nicole, Stephanie....oh who am I kidding?! She loves all her family...well...there are some she's scared of, but I won't put their names on here :)
Last week my parents both had the week off and Tuesday we planned to go to Shipshawana. It started out a VERY raining day, but we braved it. All kids had an umbrella (Thanks Miguel for buying a new one for V when her's broke!!) and were so good all day! After the rain stopped, we endured the heat and humidity! Yuck...I'd have rather kept the cold rain!!
Mom and I both bought a wall hanging while we were there. This is what mine looks like. Her's has ladybugs with the grandkids names on it and says "GrandMom's Lovebugs" She also has a bone with her dogs names on it.
Adaliah came for a visit awhile ago and I had fun curling her hair. Maybe I should have done it earlier in the day, and not when both kids were exhausted b/c neither had taken a nap.
She looks like a mini Stephanie here!

Alex has been working alot lately but finally got around to putting Nehemiah's jeep together that my parents got him for Christmas!

I'll share a testimony then click the "publish post" button so this long post doesn't get any longer! :)
Last Sunday Alex was to preach in Akron. He's worked Saturday so I offered to get up with him at 5:30, get the kids around and drive him there.
We had prayed before leaving and off we went!
While on 30 it became very foggy, to the point that I couldn't see in front of me. I told myself, "well, good thing you prayed for traveling mercies, so no worries" Right then the thought entered my mind, "Yeah....but if a deer comes onto the road, you won't stop in time" (side story...I hit a deer once on a backroad in the dark...and now I hate driving in the dark, and I'm worried I'll hit another deer!)
I knew it was Satan putting that thought in my head, and told myself, not to worry, God is bigger than any deer and He was protecting us, but all the while I was watching for one, knowing I'd see one.
Right after we'd cleared the fog, we were on a three lane highway, and there he was. A massive deer. I told Alex he looked like he was a moose he was so big! This deer was walking across the road. LIke he was on a stroll and knew I couldn't hit him. To me, it was as though God was saying, "I told you I'd protect you, stop fearing" I can't say I enjoy driving in the dark yet, or that I've stopped worrying about deer, but I know God is always in control
Now...where is that *publish post* button? ;)