Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays 2010

Nehemiah and Virginia had a wonderful Christmas! They were spoiled by Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and their parents!! 

We bought Nehemiah a Thomas tent! He's had a lot of fun with it so far! 

Of course out of all the toys he got, he seems to like the one that cost the least. I'd gotten a Woody (off Toy Story) that has a Sheriff star, belt and Woody figure. 

 Nehemiah was spoiled with a Lightening McQueen radio/cd player from GrandMom and GG, a train set from his Aunts and Uncles, and another train set from his Grandma and Grandpa Magoulas. Cousins Betty and James got his a stick horse and horse decals for his room!  His Uncle Joseph bought him a target set, and he got many other gifts that have slipped my mind. He is a very blessed little boy!!

Virginia had a lot of fun opening gifts this year!! She also got a radio/cd player from GrandMom and GG. Her's is Hello Kitty. She got dolls from aunts and uncles, and an Elmo from grandma and Grandpa Magoulas. We bought Sissy a LeapFrog phone that counts. Cousins Betty and James got her a BuildABear cat that's so cute! 

All the kids got jammies from GrandMom and GG, here is Nehemiah modeling his. He now has three Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Which is good, b/c that's about all that he wants to wear!! 

Micah loved opening gifts, which is good, he had plenty to open! 

The Murray Family 2010

The Calderon Family 2010

Jadyn turned one on Christmas Day! From what I hear, he really likes the horse his Daniels' family got him. 

I wasn't able to get a pic of all 5 grandkids :( Hopefully soon I will!! 

I love this picture of Miss Adaliah Ruth! 

 Virginia has had a lot of fun with Nehemiah's toys. She's teething and found a pacifier, that's why she's chewing on it, this isn't a normal thing for her. Poor girl is getting molars. :( Plus with this dry weather, her skin is cracking.

And now...for some food pics! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My kids!

Time for an update wouldn't you say??
And the title of the website is directed to my I say it's time to write about them! :) 

Nehemiah is 30 months old, or 2 1/2! He's a joy to my everyday. He does have his moments of being a typical two year old though. 
He's loving this snowy weather and constantly cracks me up with his new phrases! Just last night I told him to follow me out of the room and he yelled "Yes Sir!!!" Sometimes I wonder where he comes up with some things he says! He informed me this morning that "Daddy works to buy pizza!!" So, how could we not have pizza tonight? ;)
He told me the other day, "This is how you make a silly face, take my picture!"
When he grows up he'll either be a dentist, or...
a singer! ;)

He still remembers his Uncle Jason (thought you'd get a post without mention, hmm? Sorry) I put his boots on him the other day and told him we were going to GrandMom and GG's house. He said, "And see Jason?!" I told him, "No, Jason went bye-bye" He matter-of-factly told me "Oh, he's at work!"

He's a boy of many hats! 

Sissy is getting bigger too!
 She'll be 14 months next Wed! 
She talks all the time now! Somethings, I don't think I want her saying. Yesterday she told my Mom's dog to "shut up!" Ack!! 

She thinks little sisters rock ;)

Virginia has taken some steps, but only when Jesse is at the end of the walk! 
They love each other very much! It's great when they play together, and I love it when Nehemiah says, "I love you Ginya Hope!" He loves to say her prayers with her at night!!