Monday, April 29, 2013


 Easter morning
Nehemiah age 4
Virginia age 3
Jana age 1
 Love this girl
 My Mom's French Bulldog Solomon passed away awhile back.
This is her new Frenchie, Precious
 How adorable is a small child with a puppy?
 Nehemiah has been enjoying this warmth
 Working on lots of new crayons
Below is a photo of a set-up at a recent show
The biggest change my family has had recently was that was husband was asked to pastor a church in Dayton, Ohio.
It's been kind of a hard change for us. There are 2 services every Sunday, and most Sundays Alex also preaches at a nursing home between services. We also have services on Thursday night.

It is an hour and a half drive. Makes for a long day with 3 little ones, but we're starting to get into the groove of things! :)

Any new changes in my friends lives?