Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Reasons I am a bad Mom

1. I don't rush to Miah as soon as he cries.
2. I let the dog lick him.
3. I'll keep him in jammies until I am ready to go somewhere.
4. I probably kiss him too much ;)
5. He's not wearing socks right now.
6. He licked the spoon from a cake today! *pics to come*
7. He'll probably go blind from camera flashes.
8. He only gets to be the baby for 8 more months.
9. He has more clothes than some people have had their entire lives!
10. Toys too....
11. Right now he's clean, and I have places to go he's in the highchair to KEEP him clean!
12. I have NOT given him a haircut....and he needs it! But those curlers are so stinking cute!
13. I refuse to let some people hold him...he's too precious to me.
14. I let him listen to his music loud....cuz he's so cute when he "dances" to it!
15. I havent played his favorite song, Stand, in weeks....shhhh...
16. I dont wash his clothes for weeks....he has so many!
17. I won't fight with him about boogers...sometimes they stay, cuz he hates his nose blown....get 'em while he sleeps! LoL
18. I let him be vain by letting him watch movies of himself.
19. He doesnt like coats...I dont make him wear them!
20. I let him be noisy in church. (not temper tantrums...but happy noises I allow)
21. I like feeding him finger foods....he can do it himself...and less work for me!
22. I can count on one hand how many times I have left him with a babysitter.
23. I have never warmed up his bottle in the microwave (I've been told this is weird...)
24. I might have laid him down for a nap before he was tired...but I was!
25. This list was almost too easy to write! Ekk,....


  1. If this list makes you a bad mother you are setting on top of clouds.... what would a list say about a Good MOM????