Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Wedding Pics

Last Saturday my cousin Andrew got married. Here are some of the pics I took. I didn't take alot because I was helping in the kitchen. :) I was able to take some pics of them before the wedding, and after I was kicked out of the kitchen by my Mom and sisters (thanks guys!)
I asked Andrew to take Elly and walk toward the here's what I got (there is another shot later...not sure why Blogger puts the pics on weird!!)
Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Michael Coressel
The Alexandew Magoulas Family :)

I got the Kiss!!! LoL....

I thought this shot was so sweet. I'm sure they were both wore out by then....I would have been....they'd been taking pics for HOURS!!

The guys being goofy....and Elly being goofy too
I do believe...this is my favorite shot! This is one of the other pics I got when I asked Andrew to take Elly toward the woods. The sun was hitting just right :)

*grin* Elly was doing her own thing while the guys were getting their pics taken....and I got a pic of her. I like pics that aren't posed! (I do like posed ones too...but the non-posed ones always seem to turn out great)

James, Betty and Andrew!

Yay....I thought this one was neat too...and I set it up! His ring, her ring, her flowers

Besides the wedding, not a whole lot of new things are going on. Nehemiah turns one next week....I dont know if I'm ready yet! I am ready for him to be walking though! LOL He pulls himself up off the floor (no furniture) and will stand up for about 5-10 seconds...then plops himself down again. I'm hoping he's walking by his least tottling.
He's also got TWO more teeth in! I hadn't noticed them...but he was sitting on my lap tonight while I was at my Mom's, and put his head back...and I saw TWO!!! Poor lil wonder he's been so clingy...and bitting his Dad! LOL...They're both on top...and the bottom gums are swollen too....So looks like ANOTHER tooth will be in there soon!


  1. What great photos! Looks like it was a wonderful day! You do a great job!

    Congrats on the baby girl!
    --Melissa Cockman--

  2. Thanks! I haven't really done anything with the pics besides putting my name on these....been to lazy to play with them.

    Thanks....we're excited about the lil girly! :)

  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing :) I didn't know he was your cousin. I know them both from an online forum...

  4. He is... :) Actually, his Dad and my Mom are cousins...but that's too confusing to say. LOL