Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today I was at my Mom's house all day using her dryer (ours broke on Saturday)
My youngest two brothers are in wrestling and Jesse had conditioning today.
Sometime after 5 he called and asked to be picked up. Since my parents were getting ready to eat, I offered to pick him up. I took Nehemiah with me since he's been awfully clingy lately. I go around the back, pick him up and we're talking about different things.
Now, the school has a stop light at the entrance b/c it runs along a busy road. I had the green light and pull out....and almost T-boned a car who blew a red light. I slammed on my brakes and laid on the horn. I told Jesse that it's a good thing our 3 gaurdian angels were with us...b/c that car was going pretty fast! It's amazing what 2 seconds will do. If Jesse had been just a little quicker, if I'd driven just a little faster, if..if...if. Sometimes I wonder just how many near accidents God stops for us. Sometimes He lets us see where we could have been hurt, like tonight. But sometimes I'm sure there are times we don't see just how God works.

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