Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Growing up I never believed in Santa.
Why? Because my parents never told me about Santa....or the Easter Bunny, or the ToothFairy. Does this mean I had a deprived childhood and my memories of Christmas, Easter and any other holiday are horrible? It means my parents didn't lie to me.
Just like I don't plan to lie to my children.
Does that make me a bad Mom?
Will my children grow up to hate me?
Who knows? If I am a bad Mom..I dont think it's b/c my children will know that I buy them the gifts they get...not some fictional guy.
So many parents force their kids to sit on Santa's lap...and the kid is SCREAMING! Then they bribe the kids at Christmas time to be good "Or Santa won't get you anything" Ummm...hello??? Aren't YOU the parent??? Why is this Santa "helping" raise your blessing??? Only to tell the kids when they are older "Oh yeah, that guy?? Not real"
I've always felt that if you tell your child about Santa, some guy they can't see cuz he lives at the North Pole...and also tell them about God, who lives in Heaven and you can't see with your eyes. One day your child will find out that all these years you've lied to them...there IS no Santa. So why would they believe that there is a God?
What are your thoughts? Did you believe in Santa? Will you tell your children there is a Santa?


  1. I agree with you. I never believed in Santa, even though that's what they told us in school and that's what the media uses instead of Nativity scenes, but my parents thankfully didn't. I see nothing wrong with the story itself, but having children believe that it's REAL is going way too far. It's ridiculous. Especially when they find out the truth...I've heard of so many people rejecting God because of it. I'd never want that for my kids.

    Just tell them the TRUTH about Christmas, which is what it should be all about. :) But Santa is a non-religious icon, "safe" for the media and stores to use instead of Jesus, and therefore is taking Christ out of Christmas.

  2. I tell my kiddos Santa isn't real, but I also tell them I don't mind if they pretend.I don't mind if they want to sit on Sata's lap, but I won't force them to either. I've read them the stories, like I would any other. But if you ask Brandon, he'll tell you Santa isn't real and it really doesn't seem to bother him :o) He knows Christmas is about Jesus' birth.

  3. I totally agree! It's crazy that people lie to their kids...I knew what Santa was, but knew he was fake. I was scared of him actually...

  4. I once was teaching Sunday school at EAster time and the kids were talking about Easter egg hunts, and going to see the Easter Bunny...and I finally told them that none of that was what Easter was about....b/c when I asked them, THEY DIDN"T KNOW!!! And then I said "And while we're at it...there is no Santa either" I wasn't being mean....Plus there was a woman (whom I am friends with) in there with her grandchild. And I kinda felt bad b/c I didnt know the Grandchild. But after class the lady came up and thanked me. She said the Mom had been tryin to tell her kids none of that was real. So maybe there was a reason why at Easter time I made mention of Santa. I'd never seen her grandchild before that or since that.