Tuesday, August 31, 2010

can't think of an exciting title

It's naptime here at the Magoulas household. Which means Virginia is sleeping. Nehemiah has decided he's done with naps. Because he hasn't been fussy, I've let him stay up. He enjoys the time with just Mom, and getting to play without Virginia getting into his toys.

I need to work on Miah's 2 year pics...yes, it's a little late. I'm waiting until Alex has some time off and can watch Virginia, and I'd like it to not be as hot so I can take the pics at the Woods.

Yesterday it dawned on me that Miah has been wanting to "watch" alot of movies. He's not really watching them, but he wants the noise. Today I turned on a sermon, and he's as happy as can be. I can listen to Bro Branham, and Nehemiah is happy that something is playing!

Virginia seems to like her "letter."
Karisha Browning sent V some new outfits and I just love how this one looks on Miss Virginia!
A few weeks ago Alex decided I should get my hair permed again :) He knows I like it permed and it's been since the kids were here that I've had one.
I do believe Nehemiah was bored with getting his picture taken!
This is a common face for Virginia to make. She'll get real excited and scrunch her nose up and make a silly noise. The stickers in her hair were from her brother. Not sure what he was doing, but he was quite proud of the look he accomplished!

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