Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My kids!

Time for an update wouldn't you say??
And the title of the website is directed to my I say it's time to write about them! :) 

Nehemiah is 30 months old, or 2 1/2! He's a joy to my everyday. He does have his moments of being a typical two year old though. 
He's loving this snowy weather and constantly cracks me up with his new phrases! Just last night I told him to follow me out of the room and he yelled "Yes Sir!!!" Sometimes I wonder where he comes up with some things he says! He informed me this morning that "Daddy works to buy pizza!!" So, how could we not have pizza tonight? ;)
He told me the other day, "This is how you make a silly face, take my picture!"
When he grows up he'll either be a dentist, or...
a singer! ;)

He still remembers his Uncle Jason (thought you'd get a post without mention, hmm? Sorry) I put his boots on him the other day and told him we were going to GrandMom and GG's house. He said, "And see Jason?!" I told him, "No, Jason went bye-bye" He matter-of-factly told me "Oh, he's at work!"

He's a boy of many hats! 

Sissy is getting bigger too!
 She'll be 14 months next Wed! 
She talks all the time now! Somethings, I don't think I want her saying. Yesterday she told my Mom's dog to "shut up!" Ack!! 

She thinks little sisters rock ;)

Virginia has taken some steps, but only when Jesse is at the end of the walk! 
They love each other very much! It's great when they play together, and I love it when Nehemiah says, "I love you Ginya Hope!" He loves to say her prayers with her at night!! 


  1. I love the pictures! I can't believe how big they both are now? He looks like Jessie and Viginia looks a lot like you and Nicole! Adorable!

  2. They both seem like a lot of fun! And boy do they look like you!!! Thanks for the update ;o)

  3. Lindsey. They are getting big! It's crazy!! It's funny how everyone thinks they look like someone. I hear they look like me, or Jesse alot.

    Becca, They have lots of fun.