Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhhhhhhh love

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Last Friday Nehemiah had Micah and Adaliah over to celebrate the holiday of love. :) And, that was the extent of celebrating we did for V-day. ;) Not that I don't celebrate love, but Alex does little things for me all the time, buying me a new shirt, taking me out to dinner, going to the store for me when I don't feel like it (HA) So we don't need a specific day to tell us to tell each other we love one another.

But I still thought it would be fun for the kids. I was surprised how much they seems to like the coloring pages! Micah was excited to see I had printed Star Wars for him, Adaliah had Dora, Virginia got My Little Pony and Nehemiah had Toy Story :)

Here is Miss V, isn't she beautiful?! :)

Poor Miah wasn't feeling too well that day, but still enjoyed having them over :)

Micah found all kinds of things to amuse himself

And Adaliah decided my house just wasn't clean enough ;)

Next year we'll have another little girl to help us celebrate Valentine's Day :) Alex and I went to the hospital today to see if we needed to stock up on more pink or more blue. The beginning to middle of July the Magoulas Family will be expanding to a 3 child family. We're very excited :)



  1. Congratulations!!! That is awesome!! :)

  2. more cute kids running around!!! =)

  3. and your daughters will have an awesome big brother watching over them.Congrats to you all!

  4. I don't know why I didn't think to do anything interesting for Vday with my nieces at least! Dumb me! Next year :) Looks like fun idea! Yay for #3 :)

  5. Thanks for the congrats everyone :) We're very excited.

    Leah, the kids had a blast :)