Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Baby Jana

Wed July 6th I went into the hospital to get my penicillin started. 
Everything was going well, so Alex went home to be with Nehemiah and Virginia. At 5 AM they started me on pitocin to start my contractions. I was having some but they weren't real strong. 
They came in at 9:30 asking if I wanted my epidural. If I didn't get it done then, he was going to be doing a procedure that lasted 4 hours, and baby would be born before then. They sent Alex out while that was done (He'd gotten there a little before then) My OB came in soon after and my water was broken. He left to go to the office and the nurse was left in charge. She asked me to push once, then called in the other OB. He asked me to push once, and I knew something wasn't right. I was already on oxygen and suddenly there was a flurry of activity. They wanted my OB back and he was already gone, so he was called back. They started calling the anesthesiologist back STAT. He later told me that really freaked him out, knowing I'd already had an epidural he thought something was wrong with me. I asked to have Alex back in the  room, but as he came in, they rushed me out.
They rushed me in to have a c-section. I could see her when she came out. She was completely white and not breathing. They started pumping oxygen into her. Total time without oxygen was between 13 and 14 mins. 
I was told later that I had a prolapsed cord. Which basically means the cord was coming out before the baby.
I watched as she turned pink, then started to cry. They took her out to bathe her and once again I wanted to make sure Alex knew what was going on. He told me they informed him of what happened, then let him in the nursery with our new baby girl. 
My OB told me that it was a miracle that everyone they needed was on the floor. The c-section team had just finished a c-section earlier, there were two anesthesiologists, and the other OB was on the floor. I know it was God keeping our little girl. 
Alex picked the name Jana, which means God's Gracious gift. And Renee as a middle name, meaning: born again. Pretty fitting, hmm??


  1. What a great outcome to this experience you went through. God is definitely good and what a perfect name that was chosen for her before her birth. I'm so glad things are okay, she's beautiful.
    Congrats again ♥

  2. Thanks Ladies. I tried to keep the details out there were too personal, but enough to tell her story

  3. How MIraculous! God bless you and baby Jana! How wonderful the Lord is in detail!

  4. God is certainly mindful. She is so beautiful and we are thankful she is well and so are you. Love from Aunt Stephanie!

  5. Thank you for sharing her story!

  6. Hello Maria .. She is very beautiful --what a great big wonderful God.. so happy for you ... Congratulations and blessings always.. Ma La Aunt Loretta