Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life as we know it

For two and a half weeks the kids and I were on our own as Alex was in Uganda. If you asked my kids where Dad was, they'd have told you, "He's in Africa, helping people learn about Jesus"

We stayed busy visiting friends, going to the zoo, and just having fun together. :)

June 18th Nehemiah will be 4!! He says he wants to start school because he's "big enough" 

We're going to wait another year to send him to school. I want him to stay a little boy just a little bit longer!

Virginia has been a big helper! She thinks any baby doll she sees at a thrift store, garage sale, or even at a regular store needs to be "rescued" by her!! Her hair is getting so long!!

Hard to believe that last year this little girl wasn't here yet!! She's such a wonderful addition to our family!
She is a very busy baby! She's a very fast crawler, and pulls herself up with anything. She's a Mommy girl at the moment, but that's subject to change ;) She loves to eat!! If she thinks someone is eating and she's not, she will get upset!!

I've scheduled a few craft shows! One is June 9th in Lima! Please pray I do well. :)