Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are you KIDDING me?!

Awhile back my Mom, Dad and brothers came over for a visit. As soon as Mom came in she said , "Do you know that your neighbor lady is BRINGING her dogS to your yard to let them poop?" I was furious to say the least! Any good dog owner knows that if one dog is sick, it can spread it's sickness through the dog "messes" to another dog....and I have a dog!!!
I looked out my kitchen window yesterday as I was workin on supper....and she had her daughter bring the dogs into my yard! With me at the window!!! HOW RUDE!!!!! I went outside and opened the garage door to let her know I was there....hmmmm...how quickly one leaves then! And it's not like she doesnt have a yard, she has a HUGE one!! I mean COME ON! Nobody likes cleaning up dog messes, but that's part of being a dog owner!! I dont even know what to do! My Mom says to pick it up and throw it back into her yard! LoL....that WOULD be funny! Right next to my yard is an alley, and I know kids cut through my yard to get home (we live in a cul-de-sac) that doesnt bother me, but I dont want them walkin through my yard and getting poop on their shoes! I better stop thinking about it! The more I think...the madder I am getting!


  1. OMG that would make me soooo mad to! ugg haha you rmoms right haha give it back to her LOL

  2. I'm thinkin about it...of course I'd wait til right before it rained! hahaha! That's just beyond gross!

  3. I cannot believe that. Your neighbor is more than rude. Unbelievable. I am with your Mom. Scoop the poop back to their yard.

  4. I would got talk to them...

    I would just act like 'obviously' they were not doing it on purpose, but tell them that you have a baby and a dog spending time in your yard and don't want it to happen again!

    They are being really immature and it's just plain gross!

  5. I have a dog and I would never do that...grrrrrrrrr...you should be mad that is beyond rude. I bet she wouldn't appreciate it if you went poop in her yard..lol...

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  6. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck!

    That is terrible about your yard! You need to do something about that or you will start to notice a smell!!!

  7. Mom's latest advice is to just stand in my yard! hahah

  8. It baffles me how some people are so rude!!! Maybe you could gift wrap the "present" her dog left in your yard and leave it on her doorstep with a nice little note?! (flaming is optional...j/k!)

    Thanks for entering my knitted hat giveaway! I hope you'll visit again soon!

    Katie @ Bring on the Lloyds...