Monday, November 10, 2008

I've become my Mother...and I'm glad

Growing up I always wondered why Mom "stocked up" on stuff...I mean come on? Did we really need so many bottles of soap under the sink? Or all that meat, and toilet paper? And garage sales were just. not. cool!

Now? I am in the real world! haha! I love a good bargain at a garage sale! And my cupboards? Umm...yeah...full! For my birthday I told my husband I wanted a deep freeze so I could stock up food for winter. Cuz, let's be serious, who wants to take an infant out in the snow if they dont have to?! My hubby's first responce was a total male thing...."I can get it! We have 4 wheel drive" Ummm....dear?! You work 12 hours a day....not gonna happen, thanks though!

I get excited when I save money! Especially when I save more than I spend!! Even if I already have "enough" at home! Saturday my hubby and I were at Meijer when I saw that laundry soap and toilet paper were on sale! My dear, sweet husband says, "Dont we have toilet paper?" Yeah....but it's open....which means....we'll run out! haha! And then he was the one to put the laundry soap away, he comes up to me and says "Honey? I thought we needed that laundry soap?" Oh we will dear... "Maria? We have 6 bottles already!" LOL LOL maybe that IS alot...but better for me to buy that than say, a new outfit hmmm???

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