Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've had it!!!!

I officially have the rudest neighbor EVER!!

Yes, I do mean the one with the dog! Ugh....

I was getting ready to take a shower when I looked out the bathroom window (for some reason there is a window in our tub/shower stall...I dont like it, but it's there) Anyways, I look out the window...and along comes fat, lazy *bad word bad word* neighbor lady! With her stupid dog....if I wasnt already in the shower...I so would have gone out there! The nerve! And everytime a car drove past she'd look at it...like, "Is that them?" So HELLO....you KNOW it's rude...and wrong..and to be honest I'm sure it's not legal....maybe I should ask my uncle Vince...he was (is??) the code inforcer here in town...he'd know if I can make a complaint!

After I got out I went to our shed to try and get the for sale sign out from when we bought them house...but there are shingles and wood on it...so I couldnt budge it...but I WILL get it out...and when I do I'm making Miss Rudeness a sign "MY YARD IS NOT YOUR DOG'S TOILET!"
If anyone else can think of anything wittier to put on the sign let me know...I'm all about wittiness!

Ok....and to show I'm not a total meany...I'll put some cute pics of my nephew on here that I did up! :)

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