Monday, December 29, 2008

Ice Storm

The day of my cousins funeral we woke up to the power goin about 5:30 or 6 in the morning! Lovely...what a GREAT way to start the day!
There were limbs covering our yard!

Soon after we lost power we went downstairs to look and see what was goin on...and saw all the limbs so I asked Alex to move my car (It was right were this limb was!! The limb is right where my windshield was!!) It took him about 20-25 mins but we're both glad he moved it! My car is paid off and still runs good...and we do NOT want to go into debt because we were too lazy to move it!

I took our dog outside to use the bathroom and since she normally is chained out front I didnt think that was the best place to put her! While her and I were out back I heard a BOOM!! When we got back inside I looked in the front yard...there was a limb right were Meda would have been at the time (It covered about the whole yard where her chain is!)

We were out of power for over 36 hours and it was VERY cold...but we survived! Yesterday morning they AEP truck came by and shut off our power AGAIN...but they turned it we knew it wasnt gonna be too long! They were trimming branches!
My Mom lost power for over 48 hours! Ekkk!! We ended up spending alot of time at my brother in law and sister's house! At one point Mike opened the fridge door and asked why there were 4 gallons of milk! LoL....guess that's what we all wanted to save! (My other groceries went into the garage)


  1. WOW is all i can say, i could not imagen

  2. Terrible! I did not hear anything about that until someone at the funeral home asked us if we lost our power. We were heading to Tennessee after the viewing... to 40 degree weather =) Glad your survived!

  3. Yeah, Bekah, that was NOT the mose enjoyable weekend that's for sure!!

    Jeannie...It wouldnt have been so bad if it was just Alex and I...I was worried about Nehemiah! He normally gets so hot during the night that he sweats awful so we put him in just a onsie or diaper...but that night I had a onsie, sleeper, extra socks (I think...) and I think 12 blankets! We did have a kerosene heater goin once again...he woke up sweating! LOL....but I just took some of the blankets off...