Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

How cute is this pic of my lil man?! Last night was my brothers band concert (3 brothers....) So under this adorable lil outfit is a onsie that read "I'm with the band!"
While Mom and I were waitin on my brothers to get out of the house and into her van (I was carpooling with her) we were sitting behind my truck, RIGHT behind my truck, and some woman went up to the driver's door on my truck and tried to open it! My Mom said, "Maria, I think that woman is tryin to get into your truck" So I grabbed my keys and kept hitting the lock button (it honks then...should have hit the panic button!! LOL LOL) But thank goodness we were running a little late...who knows what she wanted in my truck for!!
And while I'm complaining about stupid women (Yup...another complaint about neighbor...I told myself not to....) I was making supper yesterday and her son walks the dog to my yard.....(I'm gonna have to take a pic so ya'll know how big her yard is compared to mine!) I run to the garage and did what I did to his the garage door...he hides behind my shed!!! Then I did what hubby told me and hit the panic button on my truck! I might be goin to Target I will be getting the stuff to make that sign! Mom said to buy a shovel instead! She is about to confront the woman! She also talked about bringing my brother's dog over! LoL...a big ole blood hound that is as big as a horse!! And put Mona (the dog) in the neighbors yard!!


  1. I would be livid if I were you... I can't believe that family... the nerve. Time for a fence!

  2. I love the picture of your baby boy. He is too cute!