Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Things

Isn't it funny how we go about our days, doing the same things, for the most part, day in and day out. But sometimes God tells us to slow down, notice the SMALLER things. Monday night we were at Nicole's, getting ready to head home. My normal routine is to change Miah's diaper before we leave somewhere, and put him to bed when we get home. I changed him, got home, took him up to bed, but stopped. I thought, "Maybe I'll just play with him for a little while, he isn't real tired." I put him on the floor and he begins peek-a-boo. Then he smiles. And I noticed...he had a small piece of foam in his mouth. Not enough to notice at first, but enough large enough that if I had laid him down, it could have caused a problem. I pulled it out and didn't think about it. Until later. I thought, "Wow, God knew I needed to slow down. He knew I needed to pay attention to the small things" And I'm thankful that God cares enough for His children that He did slow me down, and got me out of my routine!