Monday, May 4, 2009


Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my 16 week check-up...can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going, not that I'm complaining! LOL Soon I'll be able to find out what I'm having, (hmmm...boy?? Girl??) I'm not sure if I'm gonna find out RIGHT at 20 weeks. I'd love to, and I did with Nehemiah. But this time we're both unemployed, which means I'm on medicaide, so I'm not sure they'd do more than one if they can't tell the first time. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

I've already felt this baby moving. They say that with the 2nd baby you "feel" the kicks earlier, but really you just know what you're feeling.
This is the 6th week I havent gotten my unemployment!! Ugh. God is providing, but I'd like to know why they've decided to keep withholding my pay!
I've been enjoying the nice weather! If it stayed like this all summer I'd be thrilled! It smells so clean outside!!! Right now I have towels on the clothesline! I love the smell of clean air dried towels!!! I also got my flower bed weeded out. Not an easy feat when there are rose bushes in there!!
Ok, I'm headed out to do another load of towels! :) :)

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  1. Hey-I didn't know you were pregnant-so congrats! That's a bummer about both being unemployed...we had that for 10 weeks from January-April, but thankfully my husband now has a job again!