Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ice Cream face!

Hi!! Welcome to my Mom's website!
This is her and I on the slide today at the park!
This is me....arent' I cute???

Mom and Dad got me this onsie last week....GrandMom REALLY likes it....

Here's the back

That's my Mom and I. She was squishing me! But that's ok, I liked it!

My parents are so cool...they got me ice cream today!!!

Here it is BEFORE I started eating it! It was great! Soft serve cherry Mmmmmmmm
Here I am smiling for Dad


  1. Cute pictures of Nehemiah! They sure love ice cream eh! Charlotte does too!

  2. OH Miah thinks it's awesome! When he first started eating "real" food we were at a Chinese buffet so I let him try some. He was hooked! I went and got ice cream today for myself and he was in the back of the SUV asleep so I didnt get him any. Pulled out, and I hear "Mom?" He was awake...and wanted to know why he didnt get ice cream! Ack!!

  3. The thing I don't understand is how they can eat it so fast without getting a "brain freeze!!"

  4. Great pic of your little cutie! =)