Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 Years!

Alex and I celebrated 2 years of marriage today! Some days it seems like we JUST got married, and other days it seems like we've never been alone. :) He's my best friend and the best Daddy for Nehemiah. Ok, ok...I'm not gonna get all mushy...nobody wants to read all that, plus he doesnt even read my blog!

On our way out....we went to Cracker Barrel, and then putt-putting


Nehemiah and his cheesy smile...it wouldnt be a REAL post without a pic of Miah would it???
Today as I was upstairs reading a book I heard someone knocking on the door...it was my Mom, Sisters, and 2 of my brothers. They came to weed my flower beds. (Well...My Mom and sisters did, my brothers were supposed to be watching the babies) I was outside for awhile helping but Alex told me I should go make lemonaide or something. I made Koolaide, and then started working on brownies...and my 12 (almost 13!!!! :/ ) year old brother came in to tell me I got ANOTHER anniversary gift...but this one had been there awhile. Three baby kittens were in my flower bed!!! Ack....And anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm not really a big animal lover.