Friday, July 24, 2009

Day at the Zoo

We're going to the Zoo???
You arent teasing are you??

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the Zoo!!

Hi Mr. StingRay! Mom thinks you look creepy, but I like you! :)

Here's my Mom and I....she's fat! I mean...pregnant!

This is my cousin, Micah, oh, and his Mom and Dad
I was asleep when Mom took this pic...which is good, she looks pretty scary!

I really wanted to see this tiger...but bigger people kept walking in front of my stroller, that kinda annoyed my Mom!
Here's how I spent alot of my day, hanging out with Uncle Joseph
This is my other cousin, Adaliah, and her parents!
I had alot of fun at the Zoo! We saw a baby elephant, he was cute. And a rhino, I think they say "roar" and I kept making that noise when I saw him! It started to sprinkle a couple times, but it was cooled things off for us! :)
After we were at the zoo, we all went to McDonald's and Ronald McDonald was there...I didnt like him, he was scary! Give me a big old tiger, or bear, or any other scary animal....but I dont wanna see that guy in a red wig! AHHHHHH


  1. Ronald McDonald IS scary - creepy clown.

  2. Nehemiah will not disagree with you on that one! I had to finally get him out of the highchair and hold him so he'd stop lookin at Ronald!