Thursday, April 15, 2010

my lil Princess

Many people know how upset I've been over Virginia's face. The mother in me hurts to see my baby hurt. The vain person in me hated getting asked "What's wrong with her?!" Like my lil girl had a horrible disease. And I got it from everyone. People I knew, people in line, random people. My answer was always the same, "She has eczema. She's fine. Yes, I'm sure it hurts. Yes, I'm doing what I can. No, the doctor hasn't said much."
Saturday night as my lil Princess was CRYING from the pain, I could no longer take it. Her face was looking terrible, she was in obvious pain, and her tears were breaking my heart.
Anyone who has every seen Virginia knows she is a very happy and pleasant baby. She smiles at everyone, she's only truly upset when she's hungry.
Saturday her face was looking like this. Bright red, splotchy, oozing sores. I saw sores on her that I thought looked like chicken pox and I called my Mom. Mom also thought they looked like it, so off to the ER we went. Maybe they thought I was silly at first, but then they started looking at her and were baffled as to what was wrong. They didn't know.
Another doctor was called in. Have I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of female doctors? Cuz, I'm not. Men are more level headed. Sure women are compassionate, but give me a man in a time of stress. The male doctor brought in a female. She hinted at fleas! Whoa....what?! No. I check Meda, she doesn't have them. I've seen flea bites, that was NOT it!!!! I was insulted. I was annoyed. I felt dirty and stupid!!
They decided she had several things wrong and precribed some meds to be picked up in the morning.
V hated the meds!! She would gag herself and throw up! Lovely.
But they were helping.
The sores were drying and her appt was set for Wed with a family doctor.
I was happy to hear she was seeing another doctor, not the one who told me to "keep her slathered in Eucerin, and if you can't afford Eucerin, use Crisco" Twice I'd been in and seen this doctor, twice that was what she told me.
I saw the other doctor, he told me...............don't put anything on her except an ointment to keep the infection away!!! He said she didn't have all the things the ER thought, but he could see why they had thought she had them. He said, Yes, she did look like she had chicken pox, but it was infection b/c of the eczema. An appt was set up with the dermatologist!
Her smiles now make me smile so much more to know she's not hurting!!!
I look at the beauty in this little girl and it makes me want to cry b/c of the pain she's been in and she's been happy through it all (well...except Saturday) She's not fussy, she's a beautiful lil girl who has a smile that will melt you!
The doctor said there will be no scarring and she'll be cleared up soon!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!


  1. Glad she is feeling so much better. God is good!

  2. Her face is looking SOOOO good!! :) Makes her smile look all the more beautiful! :)

  3. Hi Maria. I'm coming out of the woodwork to comment on this post, hopefully that's ok. I know it must be sooooooo hard for you to watch her struggle, and I'm super glad she's improving now. When she's a little older, if she continues to have outbreaks, you might try photo/sun therapy. My cousin had eczema and 5 minutes in a tanning booth would do wonders for her skin. I know you can't do that with a baby, but it's something to keep in mind for later.

    Meghan Sheehan

  4. Meghan, Thanks for the suggestion!! I have been tryin to get her into the sun as much as I can without her getting a sunburn (wouldn't THAT be awful?!) But the past days have been hectic and COLD out! But I will certainly keep that in mind!!