Thursday, April 1, 2010

And now, Nehemiah

Nehemiah will be turning 2 soon! He's no longer a baby, but sometimes it's hard to not treat him like one.
Last night was his first night to sleep in his new toddler bed, he's not too sure about it. I think if I went to check on him right now he's not gonna be asleep in it.
He's still a sweet lil boy who loves to please. Well, unless you're Joseph. Then, he's likely to tell you, "Joseph, DON'T!!" Can you tell who teases the kids?
Miah loves all his Aunts and Uncles, and cousins, and grandparents.
He still likes to boss Adaliah around, but I'm trying to work on that, so far, it's not working too well. *sigh*
He loves playing peek-a-boo with his lil sister and his greatest delight is having her laugh at his antics.
He thinks horses are some of the coolest things around and will talk about them to anyone who will listen!
Nehemiah does not like his picture being taken anymore. And will do most anything to avoid it, but he loves to say he's sleeping and will proceed to close his eyes and lay his head down as soon as the camera is in his sight.
Poor lil guy has a sun burn from the hours he was outside today.
His vocabulary is becoming larger everyday. I've learned to watch what I say in front of his b/c he DOES repeat!! Not that I've said anything that I don't want repeated, but I tend to tell the dog to "shut up" when she's whining or barking, and Miah has picked up on that. My brothers think that one is funny and have got him to say it again.
I love watching Nehemiah grow and learn new things everyday.
I am blessed with my happy lil boy.