Monday, July 26, 2010

In the Still of the night

Isn't it funny sometimes how God speaks to us?
Last night Alex went to bed and I decided to stay up a little bit.
I didn't have anything I NEEDED to do.
Actually I WANTED to go to bed.
But something told me not to.
So I waited.
I messed around online, I did laundry, I cleaned up some.
Then I did something I don't do.
I checked on my kids.
I don't know why I don't check on them before I go to bed.
But last night I did.
And I could smell Virginia before I could see her.
Both my kids get sick when they are teething , and have awful diapers.
All yesterday Virginia had been not feeling well b/c of her teeth.
I changed her, checked on Miah.
Smiled at Miah b/c he had his Hermie doll sleeping on top of him.
And went back downstairs.
And it hit me.
Any other night, I would have been asleep long before then.
And poor Miss V? That would have been sitting on her, burning her little bottom.
What if I'd waited until morning?
 Poor girl already has skin problems, how long would it take to clear that up?
But someone urged me to stay awake.


  1. Another good reminder to listen to that still, small voice.

  2. Sure is. Not a super exciting testimony, but anyone who knows what I've dealt with, with V's skin can relate.

  3. Well it defiantly shows how God cares for EVERYTHING. I am glad to see she is doing so much better with her skin. :)

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