Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trying something new...

Gonna try something I haven't done in a long time....a post with no pictures!!
I have a testimony to post.
I am one of those Mom's who likes to know where her kids all times. And when we're outside I'm extra watchful. I don't like them out of my sight at all. Maybe it's b/c we live with three sides of our house next to roads. Maybe it's b/c the neighbors let their dogs run loose. Or it could just be that I am that way.
But whatever the reason, I'm thanking God that I do keep close tabs on my kids.
Yesterday while I was turning the hose to the garden on, Nehemiah walked to the garden. The hose is on the side of the house, and the garden is behind the house.
In the 30 seconds that he was out of my sight, a van pulled off the road and into the alley behind our house and the man driving started talking to Nehemiah.
When I walked up, the man drove off.
Maybe the guy was being friendly, maybe not. I don't know. But it reminded me to keep my eyes on my kids!


  1. Oh my gosh Maria!!! You just never know do you? It's a shame the world is the way it is & trusting people is so hard to do. Glad everything is okay though.

  2. Oh wow! Yeah that would have really scared me too. It is hard to keep watch on them constantly. Sometimes I worry about our their age they like to play with the neighbor kids in their yards. I keep track of where they are and check on them regularly, but sometimes I just have to trust God because you can't always be by their sides 24/7. That little girl that was taken from her yard in MO this past Monday really bothered me...kept thinking about her all day and praying she'd be found...I just couldn't imagine going through that kind of anguish as a Mom/parent. I cried when they said they found her alive! I will never understand how someone could take a child much less harm them.


  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing. It is an awesome reminder of the responsibility that God has given us.....I mean He has ALLOWED us to raise one of His creation. I am humbled and amazed by this, but as Laura said I am so glad I do NOT have to do it on my own. The One that created my precious baby girl walks beside me every day.