Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 50th

Monday my Mom had a birthday! She turned...50!
I know better than to post a pic...she wouldn't be happy *whisper* they're on my Facebook...just look there ;)
She had the day off b/c of Columbus day and spent most of it with her family! (And some good friends from high school!)
I started to think that 21 years ago, my Mom was my age.
At that time she had an 8 year old (me), a 6 year old (stephanie), a 4 year old (Nicole) and Joseph was going to be 3 in Dec.
So much has changed since then.
Mom went on to have 3 more boys! Jason was born in '91, Jordan in '94 and Jesse in '96
In '99 My Mom's Mom last her fight with cancer.
Not long after that my Dad was laid off when his factory was sold.
While Dad was in school, Mom went back to work. Soon after Dad was out of school, Stephanie got married, in Aug of '06.
Nov 7, 2006 Mom's Dad died in a car accident.
Nicole was married in March of '07 and I was married in July of '07.
Jan 2, 2008 Mom was no longer just a Mom...she was now a GrandMom!! Her first grandchild was born. Within two years, she had 4 grandchildren!!
Dec '08 One of Mom's favorite nephew's was murdered.
In March of 2010 Mom went back to work.
May 31, 2010 Mom called me sobbing, one of her Frenchies had died.
By June of 2010, 5 of Mom's 7 kids had graduated high school!! At this time, all three girls were gone, and she had all 4 boys still living in the house.
Sept 8, 2010, Mom's 5th child, Jason, died.
Through all the losses and hurts, my Mom had never grown bitter, never blamed God.
She's been a rock to our family.
We know that our Mom will not judge us, but always love us, no matter what mistakes we make.
My prayer for my parents, is no more hurts, no more losses.

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  1. Maria, I enjoy reading your "Essays". You are a good writer. Helps me feel like I am in touch with you. Always letting me know how the grandbabies and their cousins are doing along with the rest of the family. How fortunate for your parents to have their grandchildren so near-by. We are deeply sorry for your family's lost, and our prayers are with all of you. Happy Birthday to your mom! Love, Carol.