Friday, January 7, 2011

2011, time for changes

Who else thought 2010 went too quickly?! Raise your hands! Of course there were some days that drug. There were sad days, happy days, days of joy watching my kids grow, days of sadness knowing what Jason missed. 

I watch Virginia walking around and realize, my little girl is no longer a baby, she really is a toddler. She's still unsure of walking, she does that waddling thing that is so cute. But she's so adventurous that I know before long she'll be running along with Nehemiah, Adaliah, and Micah. She loves carrying dolls with her as she follows me, and I catch glimpses of the mother she'll someday be. She does like to steal the toy bottles that the baby dolls have though, need to work on that one. I'm not sure why she does that, she hasn't had a bottle since before she was one! 

Nehemiah talks all the time! He loves watching Toy Story 3, which he refers to as "New Toys movie" He loves taking care of his little sister! Every night he prays for her, and gives her a kiss before telling her night-night! His toys are over-taking the house and I can't wait til it's garage sale time so I can get rid of some!! I already have a box and bag ready to get rid of with more to sort through! 

Well, that's all for now, Nehemiah is sitting on my lap making it hard to type on here! 


  1. It is so enjoying to see our kids older yet so sad!

  2. My hand is raised! 2011 was a went by way too fast!! And our kids grow up too quickly! You sound like you have two sweeties :o)

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