Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just life

The past few days have been good days. 
After MUCH trial and error, I finally figured out how to help Virginia's face. And, it won't cost me a thing, actually, it will save me money! I needed to turn the heat down!! The dry heat was bothering her skin! Once I realized it, I turned the heat down 4 degrees. I realized it Sunday night while Alex was at work, and by Monday morning, I could already tell a difference! In a matter of days she went from looking like this:
To this: 

Every time I looked at her face Monday I was amazed! Her legs are clear (just a little dry) and her arms are healing nicely. She'd dug them up Saturday night. Now I no longer bundle her up and cover her hands at night. Sunday I was a tad nervous as I put her in tights, pants, and a T-SHIRT, I thought she'd tear at her arm, but, she didn't touch it!! And she hasn't yet! Thank you Jesus for healing my little girl! 

Tuesday it started snowing at 8 Am, and didn't let up all day. The kids had lots of fun keeping busy!
Dad popped them popcorn:

Nehemiah played in the snow:

If only I could get him to stop EATING the snow! It's not super bad that he eats it, but it does gross me out that he takes the snow from the bottom of his boots and eats that! 

That night he helped with super:

The next day, breakfast was different than other days: 

Yeah, I gave them cupcakes! Neither one ate the whole thing. I think it was too much of a sugar rush! 

Last night I took the kids to Stephanie's house to let them play with Adaliah. Virginia tried her hand at singing, she kinda liked it ;)
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. It's amazing that just turning down the heat could help so much! How do you find a balance for temperature? Our house was very moist when we got back from vacation, because the heat had been off for a month. We had mold on many windows, so I figure we have to have enough heat to evaporate the water, but I know too dry is also not good.

  2. Looks like you guys have been having fun!

  3. Our upstairs gets hot REALLY quick and that's where the kids rooms are, so I turned it to where their rooms are cool. They both love blankets, so they don't get cold. We have an electric blanket and a kerosene heater downstairs to keep the chill off :)

    Uh huh, Stephanie, should I have put the singing videos on? haha