Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another letter

I wrote this on Jason's Facebook wall...but it was too long, so I'll post it here. 

Nov 11, were the one to hold me after Jesse gave me the news of Grandpa's death, you picked me up off the floor and hugged me. I don't think I ever thanked you for that. Now, I keep the pain to myself when I want to scream, to cry, to yell about missing you. I talk about you to friends, family, to waitresses who have no idea who I am, who you were. So many people will never know how amazing you were, never knew the smile you had, know that the best way to put you to sleep was to rub your ear. You loved that as a child. And not long before you left us, I was talking about that with you and Mom, and started to rub your ear....and you instantly relaxed and started to fall asleep....I find myself doing that to my kids, and thinking of you. They didn't know that you loved kids, and you'd do anything for your nieces and nephews. So many people didn't know you...but I was blessed to. Someday I WILL see you again....and I want at least a thousand years to sit and talk to you. To show my kids to you, to ask if it was worth it. I love you Jason, now, and always. For now, tell Grandma, Grandpa, Gramma Beth and Josh, we love them....and we'll be Home soon


  1. Sorry....gloomy days make me think of him. Of course, most things make me think of him.