Monday, November 21, 2011


!!Giveaway closed!!
Elisabeth Holsapple is the winner! Congrats!! 

Last week Alex and I were doing our devotions when I asked him to pray that we'd somehow have money for groceries, specifically, Thanksgiving dinner. I had $4 on Wednesday and it had to last until his next paycheck....we didn't know what to do but to call on His name. 
On a whim I posted some pictures of the crayons I'd recently made. 
Instantly someone asked how much they were and when I told her, she bought them all. 
Since then I sold some more and realized, hmmmmm....maybe people like these? ;) 

Last night I was sitting amazed as more people were ordering them when it dawned on me...I'd asked for this!! Sometimes as the blessings come, we don't see where they are coming from. Tears started to roll down my face at God's love. 

And the giveaway!! I'm going to giveaway 4 crayons!!! 2 Gingerbread men, and 2 snowflakes of my choice! :) 

To enter.....tell me something awesome God has done for you recently. 

For any extra entry, blog about it and post a link on here. 

Be sure to leave your email I can contact the winner!!!

I will draw a winner sometime on Friday. Winner has 48 hours to contact me after I email them! 

Good luck!!!


  1. I would say I am amazed by how awesome God is to me in the form of my daughter. she is so healthy and happy. I am blessed. Thanks for the chance to win the cute crayons sis!

  2. God has just been opening my eyes about how important it is to be a good mother to my children. That He trusted me with their care.

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  4. Oh my gosh where to start. God has shown his blessings in my life in so many ways and provided for us when we couldn't see how to do it ourselves. He has lead us to information we needed so that we could get training and accessability for R., strength and love to be able to endure the challenges we have faced, drawn us closer to Him when we felt our faith was shaken, and many lessons in patience, endurance, and the realization that it's all in His time, not ours. Most recently, He provided us a way to be able to pay for surgery so that we could have children of our own. Man, GOD IS GOOD!

  5. Recently I was really having a day where Satan was attacking me and I was very discouraged. It was a Sunday and I dragged myself to church anyway. During the two services that day God confirmed that He cared and knew the specifics of my situation. Through a song and testimony from a sister, parts of the two sermons, and even the prayer after the evening service, these things all spoke directly to my situation. What an encouragement! God is good! He cares for us even in the little things! I'm so encouraged by your testimony, thanks for sharing it! Your crayons are adorable and I know my kids would love them so if I win I'll be thrilled :).

  6. Wow this is fantastic Maria!! Very excited for you! I would like to enter and say that through the last couple weeks Aaron and I have slowed down and have watched God provide for our needs Finically {as the tank of gas gets low I somehow find enough change to keep chuggin along!], Physically {Aaron has been going through a lot of medical things the last couple weeks and the Lord has provided fantastic people who have helped, and healing through it all!}, Safety {we drove through dangerous road conditions last week saw wrecks every so often due to the ice and very thankful the Lord protected us the whole 12 hour drive!}.
    OH my just talking about it fills my heart with Joy! Our God lives and is ever so real! Thank you for this opportunity Maria! :) Rich Blessings


    and my email is

  8. I blogged about it - too long to write out in a comment:

    Short version - God provided a much needed check that we had been waiting on for over 3mo (had pretty much given up on getting). Go to my blog to read the whole thing. :)

  9. God has recently blessed us with a chance to buy a bigger home for our growing family, while in turn i hope he helps us sell the one we currently live in but i truly believe God is giving us this chance because we have been sooo appreciative of the blessings we have been given lately and couldnt thank him enough for his amazingness. God Bless :) -Brittany

  10. God ALWAYS comes through when we need him. Seems as if when we are completely broke and something bad happens (such as my car engine blowing up), something happens and we are able to make it through. God is GREAT! :) Amber Dohoney...

  11. these are soo cool my kids would love something like this, im glad god spoke to you and had a calling for you guys to make ends meet, sometimes he wors in mysteriuos ways!

  12. so.cute great job im starting blogging now love ya blog check out mine please

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