Friday, February 10, 2012

A tough subject

What do you think when you hear that word?
Do you think of it as a game?
Maybe an escape?
Does a tear come to your eye as you think of someone who has killed themselves?
We've all wondered if we died today who would miss us.
Who would cry.
Would people go on like nothing happened?
Maybe you've even wondered how you'd die.
Maybe you've thought about ending your own life.
You've thought about how to do it...planned it...decided it was time.
You were done.
But you stopped.
Maybe someone caught you.
Maybe you realized it will get better.
Maybe you got scared.
Did you wonder how people would feel if you went through with it?
I can tell you how they'd feel.
They'd cry...a lot.
When they think of you.
On your birthday.
The anniversary of your death.
When they see a picture of you.
When a sad some comes on in the car.
When they're in church, singing about Heaven, knowing that's where you are waitin on them.
And they get mad.
They wonder why they weren't enough.
Mad that they couldn't stop you.
Mad that you made such a horrible mistake.
And they hurt.
They want you here.
They need you here.
They wonder how you'd have changed.
If you'd have more kids.
What you'd be driving.
Wondering if you'd be happy.
If you'd have been taller?
Wondering why they weren't enough.
Couldn't we make you happy?
Didn't you want to see your child, your neices, nephews, grow up?
You'd leave a dog that will miss you.
A Mom
A Dad

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