Sunday, March 10, 2013

Growing up

We say our kids grow up too quickly. 
Sometimes it's our fault. 
Yesterday it broke my heart to force my son to grow up just a little more. 
We were in the Dollar Tree and he wouldn't leave a yo-yo alone that I'd told him I'd buy him. 
A typical 4 year old boy, he was pulling the retractable string out, and wrapping it around himself. 
He wrapped it around his belly, 
around his finger, 
then around his neck. 
He doesn't know why it upsets me to see him put things around his neck. 
I got on my knees and told him, 
"You cannot do that."
A typical 4 year old boy, he wanted to know why. 
I explained to him, his Uncle Jason died by doing that exact thing. 
Trying to explain to a 4 year old happy-go-lucky boy that his uncle chose to die. 
That his Uncle thought life was that bad that he didn't want to live. 
It was more than a 4 year old could understand. 
Hopefully he DOES understand why I will not allow him to put things on his neck. 
Not a day goes by that my brother is not thought of, not a day goes by that we don't grieve for him. 

Sorry to have a depressing post......
Here's an update on my life. 
Nehemiah is a very smart 4 year old boy! He adds and knows his numbers, he counts forwards and backwards by 2. He spells some, and knows his letters.
When he grows up he wants to be an astronaut.

Virginia is very "motherly" she loves to mother all the little babies at church. She loves to hold her new baby niece Eliana. She loves to help around the house and is getting so big!
When she grows up she wants to be a Mommy with babies. 

Jana...well Jana is something else. She's a busy little girl who I am an no longer am allowed to call a baby. She talks non-stop and is a very good listener (Unless she decides not to, then she lets me know she's still a baby :P) She also loves to hold any baby that will let her and is always carrying a doll and her blanket. 

Alex is ministering full time. Saturday will be his 30th birthday. When he grows up...well, we'll just see what happens ;)

Me??? I'm all grown up. ;) I've recently added my crayons to a museum gift shop!! I still do shows and have them in a local bakery! I'm having a lot of fun doing them!


  1. Love the updates on your growing up family ;) That is wonderful with your crayons!! Way to go!

  2. Thanks!! I'm having a lot of fun with my kids...and my crayons! :) I am always excited when I get a new design for them :) (Crayons...not kids ;) )

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