Saturday, January 17, 2009

My husband

I've seen on other websites where women brag about there men....sayin something sweet they've done...or such. :) I dont have enough space to tell the sweet things my husband does....but he did say something out of the blue the other day that almost made me cry....and funny thing? It wasnt meant to be sweet..he was just talking!!

He told me, "You know I really wish I could have met your Grandpa Barnhart"

Anyone that knows my family knows that Grandpa Barnhart was a big part of it! He was over everyday...He'd do little things to cheer people up. He'd decide he wanted a milkshake from the local ice cream place and buy something for all of us grandkids!

There were times we'd go on trips and Grandpa was a part of those too! He loaned us his cell phone when we were silly teens wantin to go skiing in Canada...b/c he wanted us to stay in touch with home (talk about expensive!! LoL...that was years ago when they had FIRST came it was an international call!!) He drove Stephanie and I to the airport the first time we went to LA camp and kept telling the people, "Now watch over my granddaughters, this is their first time flying" (Did I mention I was 16 and Stephanie was 15??)

Grandpa was a pleaser, he didnt want to hurt anyones feelings. But he did beat up a guy who had made fun of us!

Ok....I was supposed to be talking about my husband right? was sweet of him to say that...and to let me remember Grandpa again! :)

He also took me shopping....even put it on credit cards! You have no idea how few times we put things on credit cards!! We havent had much cash (can we say house payment and two non-estimated bills?!) And I think he was a little stir crazy. But I mentioned that sometime when we get a little extra money I need some things for myself. So out we went! :) Not only did I get 4 of the things I needed....but I also got somethings I KINDA needed. LOL


  1. Sounds like the perfect Grandpa :D

    Andrew told me one time not too long ago that he wished he could have got to know my Dad better... that made me cry because I wish that too...

    Great husbands... they are blessings from God!

  2. Natasha, I remember when you're Dad was hit my Mom was so upset for you....then her Dad died about a week after and she was heartbroken.....I know when your Dad did pass Mom was sad, even though she had never met either of you. Isn't it the best when they make a comment like that and don't know it'll affect us that way? B/c saying "You're beautiful and you're a great wife" and such is GREAT and we need it....but something like that...makes you bawl like a baby!

    Bekah, :) Arent husbands great sometimes???