Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Baby

He's a lil salior!! This outfit is just too cute! There are socks that match it too...but you can't see them b/c of his shoes! :)
I took Nehemiah outside today to play in the snow.
He liked it for about 30 secs. Long enough to get a cute pic
Then he fell and was DONE! hahaha

He's sitting up so well....but only when he fells like it...he's rather be flat so he can roll to get where he wants!


  1. It has mittens...but it's about impossible to get mittens on a baby!! THat's why they made blankets right?! To wrap them up in! LOL

  2. Ah love the outfit. Your boy is just too darn cute. :D

  3. Ya... I was wondering where his mittens were :D. I like his hat! He looks cute. Charlotte can't sit up in the snow either... somehow it's too cushy and she just falls backwards. :)... and she sits perfectly well inside.

  4. Thanks Karisha!! He seems to get cuter everyday!!'s a battle to get them on...and I knew we werent gonna be out there long....I just put on a jacket so I'd get colder quicker and take him in...knowing if I was cold...then he really was! Arent babies funny? They'll do something in one place...but in another they cant or just wont!

  5. That sailor suit is adorable. As are the photos in the snow. What a cutie.