Sunday, August 23, 2009

8 weeks!

Somedays I think this pregnancy had drug by...and other days it seems to be flying by!
I have 8 weeks until my due date.
I wonder if I'm ready for 2 kids! Especially when a certain lil boy still doesnt want to walk!! I know that he knows how....he just WON'T!!! He'll stand there for awhile, look around then *plop* he's down again.
I know I'm not supposed to stress it, but do you know how many times I get asked, "Why isn't he walking yet??" Grrr....


  1. When I was pregnant with Lincoln... it seemed like it was taking FOVEVER... until I got down to like a week left, then I was just like Oh My WORD!! I'm gonna be a MOM! Not an aunt again! Yikes! The people are gonna be passing him (of course at the time I thought it was a her! LOL) to ME when he cries... instead of me passing 'em off to someone else!! But everything is going great... and I'm confident that you will handle 2 splendidly!!! You, Steph and Nicole are all naturals at the whole mom thing! (That's one bummer about being the youngest... you get no practice until it's YOURS!!! hehehe)Oh well... you'll do great and he will be walking just as soon as he's ready to. No worries... be happy!!!! =)

  2. LOL.....the "newborn" stage STILL scares me! Is that weird? I grew up with babies, I have a lil one...but the fragile helpless stage scares me to death. I mean, I like it, but it still scares me. LOL! Plus, remember, we didn't hold my brothers until they were older.

    He decided to start walking yesterday. Not alot....but to me, and to Alex, and I coaxed him across the room (using a popcicle works MIRACLES! LOL!!!) I thought about starting to lie about his age b/c people act shocked that he wasnt walking...of course, most of those people DON"T HAVE KIDS!!! Ugh.....anyways, better not get into that ;)

  3. Brandon didn`t walk until he was 15 months! I was completely shocked when Ben started walking at 11 months!!!Every baby has it's own pace! I seriously wouldn't worry about it!

  4. I wouldn't worry about it so much Becca, but I'm getting to the point where carrying him is really hurting me. He's finally getting around pretty good, and even getting himself up off the floor sometimes. He's so funny though, he'll start to walk...but make sure he has people watching him!! Mom said her earliest walker was my brother Jesse. I'm guessing that the next one will walk a lil sooner than Nehemiah. She's been pretty active in the womb, and she'll have Nehemiah to watch walk around. I sometimes wonder if part of the problem is that we have a dog and Nehemiah would rather crawl like her, than to walk like Mom and Dad! Hahah

  5. Lol! Yeah maybe it's the dog thing :o)

    I do understand that it starts to hurt holding him all the time. Even though Ben can walk just fine he still loves to be held and it wears me out pretty quickly.