Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ain't God good?

This weekend our town is having garage sales galore! It's been alot of fun.
We're having a garage sale but once in awhile I'll sneak out to check out other sales.
Yesterday I bought some cute lil dresses for my Little one! I was really excited that I got some Gymboree (two still had tags on them!!!) Children's place, and other nice clothes. And all for $6.
Then God chose to amaze me!
I was headed home, and saw something laying in the street, it looked like money. So like any person who thinks they saw money in the street....I stopped. It was $6.
Now, sure $6 isnt alot, but this isnt the first time it's happened.
I'd bought a double stroller at the begining of my pregnancy for $30, and my husband found $30 that night.
Alex and I were talking about it and I told him that it's funny that it's the exact amount both times. And random amounts.
Almost like God says "I approve of how you spend that money, so I'll replenish it"

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