Monday, August 31, 2009

Nehemiah in his suit!

Hey Mom, I'm looking pretty cute....take my pic please?
My two men...yes they match, no we didnt do it on purpose,
but I still took pics! *grin*
Nehemiah's face here cracks me up...big time!

In other parts of my life....
I've still got 7 weeks to go (give or take) until I'm holding another lil baby.
We still haven't picked the name we want.
The choices are still
Virginia Hope Magoulas
Hadassah Hart Magoulas
In the mean time I'm having lots of fun buying lil dresses! :)
Alex is still looking for employment, please pray that he is able to get a good, well paying job,
I'm once again not getting unemployment
And once again humming
"God will make this trial a blessing, though it sends me to my knees, though the tears flow like a river, yet in Him there is sweet release.
There's no need to get discouraged, there's no need to talk defeat, God WILL make this trial a blessing, so the WHOLE wide world will see!"

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