Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Class of 2010

I did some of my brother's senior pics today. I have only messed with one pic, and that was only to add his name and graduating year.
I like this pic b/c it reminds me of Jason as a lil boy!
The building and sky behind him look awesome. I didnt think we were gonna have nice weather, but prayed, and on the way to pick Jason up....the sun came out brightly!

This is the pic I added his name and year to.

I love how this one turned out

Jason had a tooth pulled yesterday and wasnt real smily, but still wanted the pics done.

He wanted some pics with his guitar.

I still can't believe he's old enough to be getting senior pics done!

Close up


  1. Even if there was no smile they look good. ~Ember

  2. The rest of the pics are on my FaceBook....