Friday, September 18, 2009

On time God!

Got up this morning to a happy baby! Who hasnt been real happy the past couple mornings. His teeth have been bothering him worse than any of his other teeth that came in. He's been grumpy, had a runny nose and a fever because of it.
I can't give him oragel because it creates too much saliva and he chokes. And the teething tablets don't seem to touch it.
Today he has a doctors appt, just a check up. I told Alex last night that I wanted to go to WalMart to get something for his runny nose. I did NOT want to go to the doctor with his nose running and have them put him on a prectription b/c of it.
He woke up HAPPY today!! :) No runny nose.
He and I go downstairs to make Alex breakfast. It would be so much easier to put a bowl of cereal on the table for him...but when he's worked 12 hours, I wouldnt feel right. So I'm making the French Toast, and Miah is very happily EATING the French toast. I wanted to let Alex know he better hurry or his son would eat all of his breakfast.
Went up to get my phone, and I had a text, and a missed called. The text said....
"I go to days next week"
Something we've been praying for! :)
Not only that, but it's the begining of the week....and he's going to a different part of the factory! :)