Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phone calls

Yesterday I got a call on my phone from a number I didnt know, and when listening to the voicemail it was for Alex.
He got called back to work!
We'd been trusting in God to answer our prayers for a job to open up for Alex.
We'd thought the doors to AAP were closed, especially when my brother-in-laws went back and said there was a meeting saying they were done calling back.
We're both happy he has a job again.
But praying he goes on 1st shift.
Right now they have him going on 3rd.
Which is still nice, because Miguel is going to be on 3rd the same days so they'll be able to carpool.
Now we are praying that the baby will be born at the begining of the week so Alex can be there!
He works Thursday-Saturday and every other Sundays!


  1. Good for you guys!!! We'll be praying for a nicer schedule :o)

  2. I'm so happy for you guys, Maria! Patience..... =D He's always on time!!! We'll believe with you for a great work schedule!

  3. Thanks Jeannie! I keep telling myself 3rd is ok....he has someone to carpool with at least. :)