Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before I knew you....

I was looking through all pics for several different reasons this week (You'll see one reason on Stephanie's blog)

Here are some of the pics I found.
It's funny to think how much life has changed in only a few short years!
My sisters and I with our Dad at a youth banquet.

This pic is kinda sad....Jesse was very happy and running around the house...until someone left the oven door open, and he RAN into it!!! He was right at the height that it really got him good. This pic was taken with one of those sticker cameras that was kinda popular back in the day

This was taken on a trip to LA camp...for some reason Nicole and I found it a good idea to "fight" over Ronald. In the end, she got her red head ;)

For several years I took the boys out to do their pics in the fall. That was back before they were too busy with sports. The year I took this pic was some of the best pics I took of them. Back when I asked them to do something, and they did it without arguing. And just look at how cute!!

This pic was my favorite that year!!!

This pic was taken during one of the Fall pics. It was taken the year before the last two pics.

Now for some WAY back pics.....Isn't it funny how I used to think I was such an ugly baby??? But now that I look at my baby pics, and see how much my kids look like me, I love these baby pics!!

Every kid need their pic taken on a pelican!

See?? I've always liked my brothers!

Why this last picture?? Why NOT?!


  1. Wow! Your babies look alot like you!!!

  2. That was a trip down memory lane. =)

  3. Becca, I never saw it when people said they do, until I went and looked at the pics again :)

    Stephanie, wasn't it fun?! *grin* You don't notice how much we've changed until you look back!