Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Cuz...

Yesterday I was thinking about how Valentine's Day is next month. Not that I'm big into it...just another excuse to get gifts. I thought it would be neat though, to tell how you met your significant other!!

I'd known who Alex was for a lil while. He'd started to come to church with my cousin, Stephen. He was actually Stephen's roommate at the time. I didn't give him too much thought. And when I did it was, "He's weird" ;)

Stephen ended up bringing Alex to my 25th birthday party (I know...everyone thinks I'm still 21..but sadly I'm not *grin*)
That birthday I had been talkin to a guy friend and Mom told me after the party, "What if Alex is the one and you're talking about this other guy?" No Mom...he's weird..no way.

I guess at sometime that changed. But to be honest, I have no idea when!!

At one point I had a cousin ask why Alex and I weren't texting and talking on the phone. I told her that we didn't have each others phone #'s and I wasnt gonna give him mine. A couple days later, I got a text message from a # I didn't know. It read "Can I have your number so I can text you?" That month, his phone bill was over $500. Apparently he didn't have free texting, and he had to pay everytime he called me. I could call him and it would be free for him....but I was a lady, I didn't do that. After that he'd call me, hang up and I would call him back. He had free incoming calls, and I had free calls after 7.

We officially became a couple Dec 2, 2006. We became engaged on May 16, 2007 and married July 14, 2007.

I'm sure there are more details but....they are boring!

this was at my birthday party, I  think Jesse was the one taking pics.

some pics of our wedding day

wedding pics courtesy of Kelly Kohli


  1. (confused look) why did he text you for your number? Did not it mean He Had your #? jw

  2. I guess he thought he was being funny

  3. ok....Anonymous, why didnt you tell your story???? I wanna know how you met, Dad...oh, I mean your hubby