Friday, January 22, 2010


My sisters and I went to a thrift store today and I found alot of exciting things. My family jokes with me and says I "win" every week :P I just have more kids than my sisters *nods* That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Anyways, here's some of the things I bought...I got V this doll house for when she gets a little older!! I know she won't be able to play with it for about a year or so, but I really wanted to get it, and the price was right!! ;) I think they put alot of things in there that didn't really go with it, there was a tractor, doll baby things like that along with the furniture.

What was the price??? I'll show you.....

I also got Miah a farm. He has one just like this that my parents bought him for Christmas, but this one has alot of extras as well. Like 3 tractors, animals, ect. And...once again, I couldn't pass on that price....

I don't know if you can see the was also $3.50

My sister Nicole found this Curious George toy and Miah has been playing with it since I brought it home to him

I know this bag isn't super exciting, but I thought it was really cute and I'm planning on using it for V's bottles when I put them in the diaper bag! :)

Nehemiah has a new love....horses, so when I see some, I get them for him!!

There was more things I bought, but they weren't real excting, plus Nehemiah was wanting to play! I got myself a sweater, some blankets, a mind game for my brother, Jason, some puzzles for Nehemiah and some other toys!

Anything exciting you've gotten recently!?


  1. To bad they don't sell countertops at the Thrift store....thats what I wanna buy and cabinets.

  2. Wow! Great job! Those toys look like they are in really good shape and those prices were awesome! Gotta love good deals!


  3. Stephanie, who knows? Maybe they'll surprise ya!!!

    Laura, thanks! Right now both big toys are in the closet. Waiting for when I feel like letting the kids play with them. Haha