Saturday, March 13, 2010

How's Virginia?

Virginia is almost 5 months old!!
She's a very happy little girl with a sweet nature. Unless you aren't feeding her fast enough, then she lets you know that she's unhappy!!
She's getting some hair!! :) Not enough for bows yet, but it's coming in.
She adores her big brother and he loves her as well. He's learned that she likes to play peek-a-boo, so he'll hop in front of her and say A-BOOOO!! To which she laughs this adorable belly laugh!
She rolls like it's nobodys business and can get to where she wants to be. Virginia has been holding onto things really well. Her toes are constant friends that she talks to when she needs a friend.
Miss V's smile lights up any room and melts my heart!
Her eczema seems to clear up, then will come right back. For some reason it cracks really bad at night and I haven't found a way to prevent it!! She wakes up and her face looks bad. I might try to put vasiline on it during the night to see if this helps her any.
Virginia coo's and squeaks and makes all kinds of noises!!
Her latest has been getting on her knees and tryin to get up. She hasn't quite gotten up all the way, but she's working at it!
No teeth yet, which is kinda weird. She shows all signs of teething, even my Mom has thought so. She's always chewing on something, she drools alot and her gums appear white. So, who knows?
She really likes her baby food. I've mostly given her fruits. I've done veggies, but she wasn't a big fan so I'll wait.
I don't think I'll be putting her in the chair she sits in much longer. She's been rolling in it and pulling herself so that she almost falls out!!
Well, as I'm writing this I'm feeding Miss V and she doesnt think I'm feeding her fast enough, so I better do that!!
I'll try to put an update about Nehemiah on soon!!


  1. Yeah for Miss V! She is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen!

  2. She is such a pretty little girl!! Aren't girls fun?! I love the bows you make for her, they are so cute!!
    Her eczema sounds a lot like what Ben had. He used to wake up with bleeding cheeks, it was heartbreaking! I tried pretty much every cream out there and it turned out he was allergic to wheat products...
    Since you have mostly been feeding fruits and vegetables, did you notice when it started, it could be something like that. It's so nice when you finally figure it out and their little face is clear again!
    Hopefully it's nothing like that and she just has sensitive skin, eczema tends to flare in the winter.

  3. Stephanie, that is b/c she acts like us!

    Thanks Becca, I think she's pretty cute! ;) And yes, girls are ALOT of fun, I'm loving making the bows!! :)
    Her face was breaking out before I was giving her food, so I'm not sure what is causing it

  4. Aw, what an angel. My son had the same cheek problem. He's allergic to apples of all things, and that was causing it.

  5. that's crazy! How did you know it was apples? I feed her alot of apple stuff.