Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Award!

My friend Lindsey gave me an award, I think the first blog award I've ever gotten.

With this award I am to tell you seven facts about myself, and pass the award onto 7 others! 

1. Growing up I wanted to be a high school math teacher. Until I was a senior in high school. It was then I decided I was done with school and wanted to be a stay at home Mom like my Mom was when we were growing up. 

2. Without my glasses or contacts I'm basically blind

3. I still own the first car I bought. The cars I drove before my Hyundai were given to me. The mailman gave me a '79 Lincoln Continental, which my parents traded in for an Intrepid. I took over the payments when I was out of school....but my parents paid for most of it. 

4. I'm pregnant with my 3rd child, but newborns make me nervous. I love when they aren't as fragile. I don't like feeling like I'm going to break them. 

5. Growing up, my sisters and I traveled a lot, but the only time I was out of the country was the times I went to Canada. 

6. Virginia is a very girly-girl. She loves necklaces, bracelets, bows, shoes, purses. But I don't know where she got it. Alex guesses from my Grandma Barnhart. I only wear my wedding set. Necklaces make me feel like I'm choking. 

7. I feel prettiest when my eyebrows and nails are done, two things that haven't happened in a long time. 

I chose: 

1. My sister, Stephanie at The Buckeye Calderon (Now she has to update...right?)

2. Becca at Holsapple Family

5. Leah at Baby Belgium

6. Andrew and Natasha at Us four, Adventures Galore!

7. Jeni at The Agape Tree


  1. Thanks for the award! :o)
    I totally get #7, I'm the same way, but I think I haven't gotten my nails done in about 3 years...and probably the same with the eyebrows! :oP

  2. Oh dear, now I have to stop procrastinating and post another blog. Do I need to do 7 facts? Or is this just how you did it?

  3. Everytime I want to do my eyebrows I think of the pain, and decide to spend the $$ another way ;)

    I think it's supposed to be 7...but if you don't do 7 I won't tell :)

  4. Thanks for the award sis...........and I already updated today. sweet smile